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    About Teresa Prevatte, NCC, LCMHC-S, LCAS

    I became a counselor, in part, due to my experiences as a client. I was struggling and no matter what I tried on my own, I just couldn’t figure it out. I needed support. So, like you, I looked for a counselor. When I began working with someone I really clicked with, I found growth and change I didn’t even know was possible! I want that for you, too.

    As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, a Nationally Certified Counselor, a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, and a Certified Clinical Trauma Counselor, I am honored to be a part of people’s journeys from struggle to safety. From overwhelm to peace. And from reacting to engaged. 

    I earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wake Forest University and I have been a counselor for eight years. My approach is eclectic and draws from different therapies including Person-Centered, Relational-Cultural and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In my free time, I enjoy reading, painting and participating in community theatre.

    Here’s what clients are saying:

    “She is easy to talk to, friendly, open, and genuinely cares.”

    “Teresa is incredibly compassionate and empathetic. She will gently challenge you to grow while also making sure you feel safe to open up and try new ways of thinking.”

    “She has a great sense of humor and is exceptionally understanding.” 

    She is always prepared for our sessions. She is also excellent at keeping sessions on track. She is deliberate about ensuring that you use your time talking about what you need to talk about but is also flexible and accommodating if something comes up that take precedent over something you might have planned previously on discussing.”

    “Teresa is exceptionally knowledgeable and her commitment to continuing to learn more about her profession through reading and research is apparent. She is constantly ready with resources and recommendations for clients to allow them the opportunity to progress outside of sessions. She also seems to know a number of helpful techniques that can really make a difference in clients’ lives.”

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    My Values


    What we talk about stays between us (with a few exceptions I will explain at our first appointment).


    Creativity is all about making something that didn't exist before. Together we will create a plan and use interventions that are specific to you and your needs.


    Clients often describe me as genuine. When I show up as my authentic self, my hope is that it will feel safer for you to do the same.


    You have worth, exactly as you are right now. I strive to make my clients feel seen and heard.

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